Media 360 is synonymous with future, with economy and sustainability. Here cities find a new essence, a powerful and current dissemination and affirmation. In a real package of services designed to accommodate the needs of public municipal, local, regional and national entities, every solution is suitable for the specific context. Media 360 gathers the assets able to respond quickly, consistently, efficiently and economically to all communication needs.

Integrated to the expectations and objectives of urban development, with environmental, cultural, human, urban and economical responsibility, it is defined as an innovative contribution that provides an opportunity of local value by taking advantage of its potentiality. Amongst them, the wealth of the space itself, the mobility to favouring public transport, the dynamism and impulse of the economy and regional and traditional micro-economy, in a joint development.

Media 360 has as a primary objective self-sustainability and an enhancement of public revenue. Simultaneously, it offers a full service, current and with quality, perfectly suited for all needs. For this, having multidisciplinary teams formed by competent professionals in different areas.