The focus of the production and transmission of the prime contents by the use of new technology information , to offer constant updated content, easily accessed by the user, using an increasingly common resource in today’s society such as in the laptop, the tablet or mobile.

The broadcast includes a bold and actual group of services that intend in establishing a close relationship between entities and population through the interactivity with varied information. Features of great public interest and city promotion.

Taking advantage of the social network, media 360 provides the creation and maintenance of a web TV, web radio and a web journal. Created according to the characteristics and features of the web it is possible to have very complete and globally accessible ways of communication, which can prove powerful weapons of dissemination and affirmation of companies, institutions and public authorities, cities and regions on an unprecedented scale.

A television with news, schedule and varied programming, in permanent and current issuing. A radio station that has information, interviews, programs, and local lines. A newspaper where traditional and innovation are joined by the interactivity, providing a better understanding of content as well as its division. The three communication supports have a space for divulging and promoting of local communities and enterprises.

Media 360 also offers a corporate TV and mobile marketing (communication via mobile devices). Everything developed by a team of journalists, broadcasters and other professionals in communication and image to ensure highly skilled research, and issue permanent content update.